UPDATE: April 20th. I have set up a page for the Real ID Act, as discussed in class. I want you all to contribute there.

Welcome to the WIKI for UTA students in the INSY 2303 course. As you may know, a WIKI, is a platform for creating content which is editable by anyone. It is different from a Blog in the sense that you can have discussions on the Blog, but in a WIKI you are creating content that is a collaborative effort. You can edit what ever content is already available and add more of your own, that you think fits in with the topic. www.wikipedia.org is the best example that you can refer to. Another good example is this Auto Parts site which is allowing any visitor to contribute to a Wiki where people can find information on auto repair.


I would like to propose an exciting(at least to me:-) class project, which will be done during two days we have kept as Lab days in the month of April. Each project will last for two days, so the first project will be held on 5th and 6th April and the second on 12th and 13th April( not 19th/20th april as I had mentioned earlier). You don't have to be in class, but you do need to be on a computer with an internet connection to participate in the project. More on this later. Let me talk about what I have in mind. Remember, this is all about what you can get out of this exercise, so I will take your suggestions to modify it.


To create a page on this WIKI about a topic of current interest.

Learning Outcomes:

I expect that you will get the following benefits
  1. Learn the use of a new form of collaborative tool that is becoming very popular, even in organizations
  2. Learn how to collaborate with your peers to complete a task.
  3. Learn about the topics covered in a much more interesting and effective manner.


Teams of 5 will create a page about a topic, say RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) on the dates mentioned above. Several teams can compete. Two teams will create a different page on the same topic. Members of the team who make the better page or sets of pages will get 2 points each, while the losing team members will get 1 point each.
The topic(s) will be assigned at 10:00am on 5th April and then on 10:00 am on 12th April, to the participating teams on the respective team home pages and you will have two days to create the page. The deadline will be midnight, Friday 6th April for the first project and similarly, Friday 13th April for the second project.

Source of information:

The source will be the internet. All sources must be linked in the page.


Since the teams will be working over the internet, all of you can work from home as long as you have an internet connection, or from the labs, if you are in school.


  • All members of the team must contribute. I would like to see discussion regarding the content from everyone on the team, during the exercise.
  • Remember, you are supposed to be a virtual team. So, don't sit together in the lab and do the exercise. When you start work, you may well be working across time zones, or working from home.
  • Assuming that you are working from separate locations, use the discussion area for all your communication during the project. This lets me know who participated.
  • No one should delete what another student has written, without sufficient reason. It would be better to discuss the changes and let the author modify the content.

Team Pages

1. There are 14 teams. Two teams will work on each topic.I will use your Team numbers as assigned on the Wiki Home page discussion area.

2. I have created separate URL's for each team. Depending on your team number(available in the Discussion area), your team url will be in the general format of http://insy2303-team5.wikispaces.com for team 5. The team pages are linked from the left navigation.

3. You must sign-in before doing anything on the wiki. Create some user name where I can identify you(such as firsname_lastname) so that you get credit.

Guidelines for the Project

1. You don't need to worry about preparing stuff before hand before the project starts.

2. You may want to try and identify some good sources of information, videos, audio etc. beforehand. You may also want to decide on how you will co-ordinate. Also, consider looking at Wikitext formatting in the Help section to improve the presentation of the page.

3. I would like all of your team members to be in different locations. You all could be in the campus, but don't sit together. This defeats the purpose of the exercise. I hope you will

4. Don't just copy/paste content from the internet. Summarize it/paraphrase it and link to it. you can use the book also for basic definitions, but I would rather you used the internet.

5. I would not like to give you a complete structure for what kind of information I want you to look for about a topic, so I will only say that ask yourself a question; "What is it that I would like to know about this topic?"; and put the answers to those questions in your page. I would like to see examples too.

6. You can create additional pages and link to them from the home page, if required.

7. Use the discussion page on your project site to discuss among yourselves. To ask me a question, use the discussion option on this site. I will keep checking it during the project. You may also use the chat box on the class website, if you see me online. Avoid sending me e-mails, since I would like to have your question available in the discussion area, for others to see if they have similar questions.


1. Remember, each member of the winning team will get 2 points. If your team does not win, you will get 1 point, assuming you participated in creating the content.

2. You will get points for evidence of collaboration, content quality and comprehensiveness and how well the material is presented on the page.

Project Feedback

From Students in INSY 2303 Fall 06:

All in all I thought this was a good project. I liked the idea of some out of class interaction with the material. This also made learning the material a little more fun than just reading the book and the slides. The last 2 projects were much better than the first one. If you do this in your next class they should definitely have all day to do the project rather than just the one hour. You could possibly even extend it to a whole weekend and maybe do one every week rather than just during the lab days. Of course you would not be able to give as much extra credit for it since it would be every weekend. I think that a lot of people would have done it just for the sake of competition. Another thing you could try is maybe do a class website to start teaching the students how to make a website and then have a little competetion after a period of time working with the class website. That may be a bit much though. In conclusion I thought the class wiki project was both fun and educational and should be incorporated in any classes you teach in the future.

The project was fun, I think. It allowed for a more "hands on" form of learning, requiring the students to take the initiative to research specific topics related to MIS. It also helped with team work, which is an important aspect in the business world.